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Dušan M.Z. Badovinac

Phone 040 542 364
Direct Number 00 386 40 542 364

Mr. Dušan M.Z. Badovinac
Zavod za zdravo življenje
Jugorje 8, Suhor. Bela krajina
Poklukarjeva 17.
1000 Ljubljana

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Dušan M.Z. Badovinac

Zavod za zdravo življenje
Chapter: Ilirija

Food/Beverages, Food-Beverage Products

My BusinessHead Director of Zlati Ghee-Zavod za zdravo življenje. / Music (sound) therapist and multi-instrumentalist. / Professional at and about concepts of water - the driving force of creation. Study; Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security / Athlete / / Self-sufficient. ... but simple folk man-a farmer at heart. In rhythm with all the appearances that creates the Earth life. In a friendship with dog Tara, which is 100% complet friend.

Ideal ReferralThe vision is to enter with Golden Ghee jars in some hotels, shops other cauntries of EU -world, or net of shops abroad, restaurants, ...cosmetic studios, Ayurveda centers, sports centers, cooking workshops and of course in families with gourmet members and lovers of healthy food. So I am sending this wish to your dear reader.

Top ProductGolden Ghee, this coocked butter is done by being on fire constantly for 48 hours and its pure hand made, its Slovenian recipe, extremly healthy, with eco-bio certificate, cute and nice looking for a present purpose. Beside this is known as nutrient that has the widest possible range of applications in the world. You can age it or maturate a glas of Golden Ghee jar, so grow it older, as they do with whiskey and in future 80 years, raise its value for 50x of his first price.

Top Problem SolvedProblems do not exist :) only challanges. But I'm proud of the career development as a therapist with sound, expert at natural laws of the water and the development and establishment the comprehensive storie of success as Golden Ghee bussines in the name of flora, fauna and people. The Golden Ghee story has evolved from a hobby; within five years of hard work and complet dedication with initially invested 100 eur; currently deliver products to over 300 stores, visit popular fairs in Slovenia and Croatia, we enforced the name and logo brand, built our own mini dairy plant, and beside of cooked butter named Golden Ghee developed yet seven spreads from completely natural ingredients and flavors that are all charming in taste. (Also ; popcorn brand and cosmetic cream.)

My Favorite BNI StoryGetting friendship with most of you and become a present member of the team that makes a complete power chain.

My Ideal Referral PartnerAll, or just some of you individuals with your expandable net, ... becouse we are at first spreading the information (sound) about you, your story, me, us, products we do, services we make, and on, and on, . . .